Why You Need to Have a Hobby if You Are Dating

In my early years of dating, I joined a speed dating event which let me meet and talk with twenty stranger men. For each man, I am only given three minutes to talk about something. Short and sweet they say. Bring it on I say. Then the bell ring. Conversations started. After the tenth bell, I notice something. I was just talking about myself and my job while they talk about their passion, collections, pets and out-of-the-country adventures.

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And it dawned on me. I am not an interesting person after all I say! From then, I promise that I will dedicate time to pursue an activity beyond doing my job or chase something that will make me interesting and worthy to have a meaningful conversation. I promise that the next date, if I will be sharing my life to another individual, it will be around the passion I have and the things I love doing.

You don’t have to wait for that realization for yourself, I bet. But starting a hobby can be overwhelming for some or in some cases, not motivating enough. So I am sharing below why you NEED to start a hobby if you intend to be in the dating scene:

1)      It boosts your confidence – for men, confidence is that invisible thread that attracts them to women. I say that it is a must have if you want to attract men and also keep them. If you are dating, you have to make sure that you always bring this big C with you, and having a hobby makes you have that powerful feeling because having one gives you the feeling that you have something you are proud of, that you can do something that most of people cannot, or you are good at something that others may just be afraid of even trying.

2)      It makes you interesting – 99% of dating is conversation – conversation about your life and his life. Certainly, you can talk about your profession or what you do for a living for a certain time but it will not be an interesting conversation if you just talk about this for the whole time. Sure he’ll listen to you if you are talking about being an accountant, but you’ll probably get more his attention if you talk about your hiking experience or your adventure in Columbia. Having a hobby is making this conversation borderless. It makes you a person with different color, shade and hue that your date will just be fascinated and make him interested to you. In addition, having a hobby makes you one of a kind, passionate and a person who can contribute something to the world.

3)      It makes you know people (with same interest) – the best part of having a hobby is to have an access to people with the same interest. In this circle, conversation is less awkward and more enriching. If you are not fond of meeting strangers, meeting people in your hobby circle will be less stressful because conversation will be about something you really know and interested about. I don’t know if you notice but talking about these things makes me relax, joyful and energized! So in my opinion, meeting and conversing with people in a hobby circle is the best way to interact and look for prospect dates!

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4)      A chance to get to know yourself – few of the benefits of having a hobby are making you creative, retrospective and mindful. Doing your hobby allows you to have time to reflect on what you want, what you are good at and what you want to achieve. Having a hobby makes time for you to know yourself. Knowing yourself is an essential part of dating, for you to project a solid identity to men that you are dating. As a bonus, the retrospective time that your hobby allows you to have is a good time to reflect on your dating decisions.

5)      It’s a source of happiness – ultimately, hobbies make you have a feeling of joy – by making you forget what is keeping you stressed, making you proud of yourself when you accomplish something great about your hobby and also, making you interact with people who has the same interest and passion. Feeling happy pays off during dating too. Remember, people (and men) wanted to be with someone happy and joyful. By being happy alone, you’ll be more attractive and interested to be with.

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Are you now thinking of what hobbies do you want to have? My next article talks about how you will come up with the hobby that you want to pursue and what hobbies I recommend you to have!

Until next time!

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