How to Choose a Hobby while you are in a dating stage

In the last blog entry, I talked about the benefits and motivations on why you should have a hobby when you are dating. By now, I hope are excited to have a new hobby to start!  In this blog entry, we will be talking about how to get ideas on what hobbies you can try and what are those that are worth pursuing.

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When I was doing the exercise of getting ideas on what hobbies I will choose, I was challenged. Challenged to a point that it paralyzed me to pursue the idea. That is why I am writing this to you as I know that you will be equally challenged too and a helping hand is needed at this point.

There are a lot of websites that recommend what hobbies you can explore – some recommend that it should fit your personality, others pitch that it should have a benefit and a meaningful purpose. But out of those I researched, these are the most impactful and worthy in my humble opinion:

1)      A hobby that will keep you in shape – choose something that will “sharpen your saw”, by this, I am talking about both mentally and physically. In the end, mental and physical health are the most important thing, so including this in your hobby list is definitely worth it. Beside, these hobbies can make you enjoy life longer and happier.

2)      A hobby that will make you creative – pick a hobby that will unleash the best in you. Select something that challenges you that it will be rewarding if you accomplish something about it but at the same time, you have a knack of doing it that it will not discourage you to keep on trying until you meet your goal.

3)      A hobby that will let you earn – earning something while you do what you love is actually a bonus. Most of the time, earning from a hobby is just a byproduct of something that you love doing and. But if you intend to choose a hobby with the purpose to earn, choose something that will give value or service to other people. This is a sure way to be compensated on doing something you love.

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Now that you have a list of hobby with purpose, the next question is how to come up with concrete hobby ideas that will fit into your liking and in your strength. Below are some suggested ways on how you can think of these specific activities for your hobby:

1)      Watch how your day goes – observe your calendar, where you dedicate most of your time? What activity do you look forward doing during your free time? What excites your day? Starting today, be conscious on these things, you might have been doing something that can be turned to a hobby.

2)      Watch your thought – during your spare time, where does your thought go? What ideas do you entertain and keep your mind on? What thought excites you?

3)      Watch how your weekend is spent – weekends are definitely a gift and a treat. It is usually dedicated to those activities that will relax us or will make us happy. What activities do you look forward during Friday? What activity do you do to forget all those work thoughts?

4)      Watch and recall your childhood – as a child, what do you usually play with? What do you collect? What do you do during summer vacation that you love doing but you lose when you become an adult? Is there something from those ideas that you want to do again?

5)      Watch the things that you envy being done by other people – you may have an officemate who does things that you also like. Or you’ve watched a video that you are so inspired that you want to start it as well. Or maybe a moment in the past that brought you a good feeling and you felt that you can do it more often? Maybe now is the time to start doing it for yourself.

There you have it! I hope you are finally inspired to have a hobby of your own and have this burning fuel to pursue them. I am excited to hear from you what you tried!

To the best dream girl that you can be!



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