Being a 10,000 Steps Walker

I wanted to have an active lifestyle some time ago. So I tried several activities that will make me burn more calories and generate more sweat. Unfortunately, those activities were only hypes. I tried running after work but quit sooner because it caused me to go home late (not to mention tired and sweaty). I also attempted to join dance class in the afternoon but same like the first I mention, it just took me only two tries to quit because of the hassle too (changing workout clothes, bring them in the office, showering after workout etc.)

You see, I am  lazy but I really wanted to achieve this fit body (even if I am in 50’s!):

Eva Longoria sexy body


So last January, I started something different to begin the year. After some contemplations and discovering myself more, I came up with a simple plan to have an active lifestyle and achieve that “Eva Longoria body’ even if I am tooo lazy to do the actual work out. So I started a habit of walking, every day (at noon), for thirty minutes. No more, no less. Just walk, thirty minutes and I am done for the day. As simple as that, but it turned out to be the most effective effort I had!


First, because it’s simple. It requires no grand preparation. I just need to change by heeled shoes to flat shoes, and I am good to go! I recently purchase a nice pair of walking shoes to accompany me in this habit. Great investment indeed!


Dream Girl Shoes


It also gives me extra energy boost. Since I am doing it at noon, the exercise pumps energy to my body to sustain me for the rest of the day. In turn, I have more energy to interact with my family when I arrived home after work.

I like it too because it fits my lifestyle. Having an active lifestyle is not easy if you have an eight to five job (all the more if you are lazy too). So finding a way to make your heart pump within the day is a gem. Walking at noon is perfect for me because it fits my schedule and the level of effort I wanted to invest in starting an active lifestyle. One of the perks of this is, it is sustainable too! Since it is easy to do, there is no reason to miss it!

Starting this simple habit made me gain valuable lessons. For one, in implementing something in your life, you must do an important pre-work: knowing yourself. Doing this pre-activity will save you lots of effort dedicated to ineffective ways, habits and activities that is not for you from the start. Definitely, every journey we take must start something within us, and that is contemplating who we are.

I also learned that in achieving a goal, there are numerous ways to achieve it. So I should not be discouraged if the activity I tried is not hitting the goal I set. It is just sending me a message that I need to look for other ways, and that other route is just waiting to be discovered.

Lastly, starting a habit could be overwhelming at times. So I have a simple advice if you are starting one. First, start simple. Then start now. Then you start again tomorrow. Before you know it, you are doing the activity for a year!

Start a healthy habit (like walking) now, you future self will be so grateful to you someday.

See you on the next article! 🙂


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