Cherie Estrada is a blogger, a learner and a dream girl (see description of a dream girl below.) She believes that every girl is called to be a dream girl, that is why is put up a blog for ordinary girls like her to help them be the best that they can be, through sharing of insights, experiences, lightbulb moments and adventures around wellness and beauty, financial literacy, relationships, and continuous learning.

When she is not blogging, she is a Human Resources Professional in a Multinational Company, a wedding coordinator, a mystery shopper, an indie movie fan, a financial literacy advocate, a Toastmaster Club member, a 10,000 steps walker, self-planned traveler, self-profess author, bucket list checker and a loving life partner to Noel. 😀

She is also a proud child education sponsor of two children and wishes to be a social entrepreneur someday.

I believe every girl is called to be a dream girl.

If you may ask, what makes a dream girl? A dream girl is someone who:

  • has a healthy well-being and an epitome of beauty
  • is a very interesting person
  • is financially free
  • fosters and nurture relationships with people
  • do something to continuously improve herself

Or to put in other words, a dream girl is someone who exercise to maintain her good posture and fit body. She is comfortable with her body and can do limitless activity because her body is strong enough to allow her to. Her beauty captivates not only men but also by women who try to figure out her secret beauty regimen. Her smile is so attractive that you can just smile back and envy her positive disposition in life. Her beauty transcends the boundary of physical realm and goes through the goodness of a beautiful person by being confident, generous, forgiving and optimistic in life.

She is also a lady of surprise. Unpredictable is her last time. And this becomes the invisible thread that makes people attracted to her. Yesterday she is doing something that is not within the norm, today, she is doing what other people will imitate tomorrow. She is not afraid to be judged. She knows that the worse day is the day she gives in to what other people want her to do. Her passion to do the things she loves and makes her happy is contagious. May it be in business, career, or caring people, her passion is like electricity that affects other people in a positive way.

Her financial status does not limit her to do the things that gives her joy. Her financial goal motivates her, and this includes enjoying the perks in life and giving back to the community. She knows that financial freedom entails discipline as early as now and that it should be built with constant learning. She travels the world and enjoys life’s other wonder because she is financially free.

She knows that the moment she stop learning will be the loneliest time of her life. Continuous learning for her is a way of life. She believes that learning is not only a way to improve herself but to also to improve the people around her. You find her reading a book on her commute going home or talking to a stranger to know how things work. She values the wisdom of the old and curiosity of the young. She believes that people and circumstances she encounters are opportunities to expand the neurons of her brain and come up with great ideas that will rock the world.

She knows that life is more worth living with the people she cared and loved most. Thus, she makes each day to give love. Arranging surprise dates, giving little token, sharing words of love affirmation and offering a thoughtful hug are only few among those she does to nurture and value the people she loves most. She is empowered to look for the man of her dreams and keep him. The love in her heart is overwhelming that the only next thing to is to give it away.

And that dream girl could be you and me!

This blogs shares my journey towards becoming a dream girl which I know could be your journey too. So let’s learn from each other through our failures and triumphs and be inspired, encouraged and entertained!

If I can contribute one thing in the world to make it better place, it could be to become a dream girl. By being one, I could be someone who can inspire and empower women to be the best they could be! And don’t you think that the world would be a better place if every woman is a dream girl?

Let’s be a dream girl and make the world an exciting and fun place to live in!

Let’s keep in touch.